The School Newspaper of Winston Churchill High School.

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2016-2017 Staff

Allison Beiser

Staff Writer

Allison Beiser is a Staff Writer. Outside of the Observer, she likes to play with her dog and play basketball. ...

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Adam Gruner

Staff Writer

Adam Gruner is a Staff Writer for the Churchill Observer. He is an avid animal lover and sports fanatic!

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Ethan C. Miller

Online Sports Editor

Ethan C. Miller spends most of his time on the fourth line, standing straight up and being confused about which Ethan Miller was called for attendance. His favorite activities include mumbling “VHF” and being f...

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Dani Miller

Production Editor

Dani Miller is a Production Editor for the Observer. When she is not writing a story, she likes watching adult swim cartoons and listening to music. Follow her on instagram @danimillerr and make sure to watch out fo...

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Will Hyland

Production Editor

Will Hyland is a Production Editor for the Churchill Observer. To him everything is either true or untrue.

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Eli Gordon

Production Editor

Eli Gordon is a Production Editor. He enjoys playing baseball, skiing and spending time with friends, family and his puppy.

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Camila Camp

Production Editor

Camila Camp is a Production Editor who loves working for the Churchill Observer. Camila likes to eat sushi when she can. Her hobbies include dancing and playing tennis during the week. She enjoys being relaxed on days she doesn't...

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Matthew Sun

Fact Checker

Matthew Sun enjoys writing books, “studying” and playing soccer. He currently writes for the CHS Observer. Despite being Asian, Matthew does not prefer to study all day, play piano or violin all day, eat dogs and cats and ...

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Ethan S. Miller

Fact Checker

Ethan S. Miller is a Fact Checker for the Churchill Observer. He is a lanky person who in his free time watches Scandal, Aquille Carr hype videos and listens to his favorite Spotify playlist, Traplife. ...

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Bryan Fletcher

Fact Checker

Bryan Fletcher is a Production Editor and Fact Checker. He loves to read, write and listen to music. In his free time he likes to binge different tv shows on Netflix and play video games. He is proud to be part of the Observe...

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Sophie Liss

Social Media Editor

Sophie Liss is a Social Media Editor for the Churchill Observer who loves to play soccer and lacrosse. In her free time, she enjoys stalking Eliza Asbury.

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Joe Raab

Social Media Editor

Joe Raab is the Social Media Editor in charge of the Observer's snapchat. In his free time he enjoys not checking his own snapchat, eating pickles and spending quality time with his favorite siblings, Matt and Ellie, sorry Em....

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Anna Baranko

Social Media Editor

Anna Baranko is a Social Media Editor for the Observer. She loves traveling, her dogs and has a serious obsession with Food Network and Whole Foods.

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Drew Ingall

Social Media Editor

Drew Ingall is a Social Media Editor for the Observer. He enjoys playing tennis, singing whatever song comes to his mind and is currently being treated for his Obsessive Camp Disorder.

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Laura Sneller

Public Relations

Laura Sneller is a Production Editor and a Social Media Editor. In her free time, she likes reading, writing, collecting band shirts, watching Walking Dead and The Office and caring a bit too much about fictional characters.  ...

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Julia Lescht

Public Relations

Public Relations/Video Manager Julia Lescht is ecstatic to be a part of the Observer! Aside from writing for the J, her hobbies include dancing on the CHS Poms team, shopping, watching Netflix and eating everything in her path. ...

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Jake Herman

Public Relations

Jake Herman is a Public Relations and Social Media Editor and Production Editor for the Observer, and enjoys playing, watching and announcing sports. His favorite activities include going to concerts, Nationals games an...

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Nora Holland

Contest Manager

Nora Holland is a Contest Manager for the Observer. In her free time she enjoys drinking tea, painting and re-watching Parks & Rec for the fourth time in a row.

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Vicky Gunawan

Contest Manager

Vicky Gunawan is a freshman at CHS and enjoys being a part of the Observer and the softball team. She hopes to be on the Observer the rest of her high school career. She loves traveling and is willing to go anywhere in the world.

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Jenna Greenzaid

Circulation Manager

Jenna Greenzaid excels at spending her free time reading cheesy books, writing what she thinks to be great stories and binge watching multiple shows on Netflix. She is a diligent and studious student, and loves writing for the J and...

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Brandon Li

Circulation Manager

Brandon not only writes for the Observer, but is also a swimmer for the CHS swim team. He enjoys socializing and spending time with his dog, Callie.

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Megan Park

Business Manager

Megan Park is a business manager for the Churchill Observer and loves to write. In her free time, Megan likes to bake and watch all of her favorite television shows while having a good time! She is an avid lover of animals and...

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Eliza Asbury

Business Manager

Eliza Asbury is a Business Manager for the Churchill Observer. When she isn’t writing, she loves to play soccer and run track. She loves spending time in Northern Michigan and spending time sailing on Lake Michigan. ...

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Max Kandel

Advertising Manager

Max Kandel loves rooting for Washington sports teams and the Maryland Terrapins. Despite looking Latin American, Max Kandel is not Latin American. In the spring you can find him playing lacrosse for Churchill....

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Rebekah Sklute

Online News Editor

Rebekah Sklute is the Online Observations & News editor for the Churchill Observer.  She is a professional instagrammer and snapchatter.  She enjoys getting together with her friends Ben & Jerry.  She aspires t...

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Sofia Williamson

Online Opinions Editor

Sofia Williamson is a junior and the Online Opinions Editor for the Observer. She is very opinionated on social politics. In her free time, she plays club volleyball, loves music that is at least thirty years old and participat...

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Rebecca Jackson

Online Features Editor

Rebecca Jackson also refers to being called "Jackson5," she plays soccer and track and has an unhealthy obsession with Columbia University!!! If you’re trying to spot her in the halls, she’s the one with the jewfro. Hit her up ...

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Emily Wang

Features Editor

Emily Wang is a senior at Winston Churchill High school and she enjoys eating sweets.

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Sai Sreenivasan

Observations Editor

Sai Sreenivasan is looking forward to her last year on the Observer. When she’s not writing you can find her reading a good book or taking a nap. ...

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Lauren Roseman

News Editor

Lauren Roseman is a senior and has been on the paper for the past two years. She is very excited to be Co- News Editor with her good friend Thomas Atkinson.

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Ben Dross

Sports Editor

Ben Dross is a Sports Editor for the Churchill Observer. He also is a member of Churchill's hockey team. ...

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Sara Heimlich

Features Editor

Sara Heimlich is a Features editor for the Observer who, despite her name, does NOT know how to perform the Heimlich maneuver. She is a nice Jewish girl with a positive outlook on the world. For more details, visit her Insta...

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Maya Rosenberg

Opinions Editor

Maya Rosenberg is the Opinions Editor of the Observer. Besides obsessing over her future at UPenn, Maya has taken up the hobby of professional ~whipping~ and is known as none other than as her Instagram handle “Mbrosenberg."...

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Kyle Emery

Sports Editor

Kyle Emery, also known to the masses as “Kmemery,” is a Sports editor for the Observer. He loves chicken nuggets, noodles and a nice hair flow. Dab him up if you spot him in the hallway. He also enjoys playing hockey and having...

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Becky Wolfson

Online Arts Editor

Becky Wolfson, also known as "beckswolf" is the Online Arts Editor. She will graduate in 2018 and enjoys being on the Observer, swimming and spending time with friends and family. ...

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Emiliana Cardinale

Production Manager

Emi Cardinale loves being the production manager of the Churchill Observer and hates Comic Sans. She hopes you’re having a nice day.

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Thomas Atkinson

News Editor

Thomas Atkinson will graduate in 2017. He has been on the paper for the past 3 years and is very excited to be Co-News Editor with his good friend Lauren Roseman. Outside of the J he enjoys performing in Blast as a singer/dancer, ha...

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Balbina Yang

Arts Editor

Balbina is a current senior and has been on the newspaper the past four years. She enjoys watching movies, drinking tea, and sleeping.

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Arielle Gordon


Arielle loves to laugh, but don’t be fooled, she is a hard worker. If you can’t find her, she is probably skiing. If she’s not skiing, she’s playing softball, spending time with her puppy, Todi, or trying new recipes....

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Nathan Deychman

Online Editor-in-Chief

Nathan Deychman is the Online Editor-in-Chief for the Churchill Observer. He is on the Track & Field team and only takes advice from fortune cookies.

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Sarah O'Brien

Arts Editor

Sarah O'Brien will graduate in 2017 and is the Co-Arts editor with the fantastic Balbina Yang. Her favorite show is Scrubs and she is on the Churchill Swim and Dive team as well as the Track team. In her free time she likes to s...

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