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Student Arts Spotlight: Mason Catalon
From the random paint colors staining her wardrobe to the doodle-filled sketchbook that is glued to her hand, it is no secret that senior Mason Catalon is a passionate artist. For her, art is an integral part of her life and her need to draw is equivalent to her need to breathe.


“I’ve always been doodling,” Catalon said. “I always have a sketchbook on me, and I always make time for art in my life.”


Art has surrounded Catalon’s life ever since she was young. Much of her family is artistically driven and has created an accepting environment for her creativity. For example, her uncle has had studios at Rhode Island School of Design, where Catalon spent last summer doing a pre-college program.


“I got a scholarship to study at RISD this summer,” Catalon said. “It was really fun but also very challenging. We had intense, seven-hour studio days all week and we were critiqued and learned a lot from the professors.”


Catalon especially enjoys doodling in her sketchbooks and primarily uses dry materials and ink. However, she is interested in trying new things with her artistic materials and is enrolled in AP Studio Art, Digital Art and Ceramics. She enjoys the variety in the types of mediums that she can express her unique style through.


“I am hoping to get a second period for my AP art class so that I can do an independent study,” Catalon said. “I’m thinking of focusing [my independent study] on a small town where mysteries are unfolding.”

Catalon’s distinct, cartoon-like style is inspired by TV shows such as The Regular Show, Adventure Time and Bojack Horseman. She also draws inspiration from artists that she follows on Instagram. However, she brings her own individuality to all of her drawings and has a style that is completely her own.

“Mason’s art style is one of the most creative I’ve seen; I love how she can take normal scenes and make them into something fantastical and mysterious,” junior Maeve McGhee said. “I’m really lucky to know her and get to see all the amazing stuff she makes.”


Catalon wants to study illustration in college and continue her passion for art. Her unique and fun style is sure to set her apart from other artists, and she hopes to be able to express her creativity through her future career.


“I really enjoy comics and graphic novels, so I think that I would like to be in a career that revolves around that,” Catalon said.

Laura Sneller, Arts Editor

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