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Jasmine Baten

Apr 29, 2016
Students Turn to Online Videos to Recreate Tasty Food (Story)
Apr 29, 2016
‘Zootopia’ Applauded for Tackling Social Issues (Story)
Apr 19, 2016
Makeup Brands “Oversexualize” Names of Products (Story)
Mar 22, 2016
Ordinary Classes, Extraordinary Chances For Success (Story)
Mar 22, 2016
Staff, Students Fast in Observance of Religious Holidays (Story)
Feb 29, 2016
Sophomore Makes TV News (Story)
Feb 25, 2016
Does Pride and Prejudice and Zombies serve justice to the novel? (Story)
Feb 25, 2016
Oscars Receive Criticism over Lack of Diversity (Story)
Dec 23, 2015
Peaceful Muslims Live in Fear of Being Labeled Terrorists (Story)
Dec 23, 2015
It’s not a trap, Star Wars movie is a must-see (Story)
Dec 05, 2015
Frozen took the world by a storm, and the ice age has yet to end (Story)
Nov 24, 2015
New Disney Character Shines (Story)
Oct 29, 2015
Foreign exchange students shares her culture with CHS (Story)
Oct 14, 2015
CHS Choral Concert Connects Poetry to Music Lyrics (Story)
Jun 03, 2015
Women deserve to be on the face of U.S. currency (Story)
Jun 01, 2015
Parking for extracurriculars shouldn’t be revoked (Story)
Mar 24, 2015
MCPS’ seven snow days plow plans, schedules (Media)
Mar 23, 2015
Teachers share past jobs before becoming Bulldogs (Media)
Mar 23, 2015
Athlete Commits: Lucy Srour (Story)
Mar 23, 2015
Abercrombie case exposes religious discrimination (Story)
Mar 23, 2015
MCPS works to create ‘I, too, am MCPS’ video (Story)
Mar 20, 2015
Forensics club places (Story)
Mar 03, 2015
Fifty Shades of Grey drops after a successful opening weekend (Story)
Feb 24, 2015
50 Shades of Rape? Film, novels stir controversy (Story)
Feb 24, 2015
School bell times pushed back for next school year (Story)
Feb 24, 2015
Basketball spirit nights (Story/Media)
Feb 23, 2015
Superintendent Starr steps down after four years (Story)
Oct 24, 2014
DC always saves the day (Story)
Sep 26, 2014
Don’t let declining AP scores let you down, CHS (Story)
May 29, 2014
10 Signs you survived AP’s (Story)
Apr 21, 2014
‘Bossy’ brings bad name to future leaders (Story/Media)
Mar 20, 2014
Role Model? United Nations causes controversy (Story)
Feb 24, 2014
‘Sherlock’ season premiere incites positive reaction (Story/Media)
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