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March Madness

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The March Madness season has come around once again.

The first game of the competition will take place March 14.

The first part of the process of the tournament is Selection Sunday. It determines which teams will get to participate. Then, they go through a series of games to try to knock the other team out. After that, it goes into the Final Four. The winners of the Final Four go at it in the final game to see who will become the winner.

The NCAA tournament has gotten most of the sports community on their feet excited for the big games to come.

“I think the NCAA tournament is the best tournament in all of sports,” senior Joel Goldstein said. “Every game is exciting and could go either way.”

The three weeks of the college teams competing gets the Churchill students betting on who will win and who will lose.

According to Goldstein, he believes that UNC will win because they have a good roster and that they almost won it last year, so they have a better shot of taking the championship this year.

With the advanced technology we have these days, people are able to see the games in action live wherever they are and go on whatever electronic device they own.

According to a 2014 TV by the Numbers article, an all-time record was set of nearly 70 million people live streaming event.

March Madness is headed just around the corner, and the action is just getting started.

“I’m a big basketball fan,” Goldstein said. “I’m mostly just excited to see great basketball.”



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March Madness